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Metropolitan Mapping

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Metropolitan Mapping

As part of our commitment to serving the metropolitan area, we’re excited to announce The New York Metro Impact Map, a collaborative resource for bridging changemakers to the resources they need to best scale their impact.

The New York Metropolitan Area is the best region in the world to scale social impact, but we’re baffled by how challenging it can be to find resources geared for the social impact community. For such a blossoming ecosystem, the metropolitan area suffers from a lack of shared resources and cohesion across neighborhoods.

The Metropolitan Area needs an all-encompassing online resource for impact entrepreneurs and other looking to scale their initiatives - especially those tackling the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, any existing mapping neglects areas outside of New York City’s five boroughs (even though the city only accounts for 8.4 million out of the more than 22 million people living in the metropolitan area).

Please join us in developing this imperative resource and submit your nominations here.

We’ll be mapping: These assets will be mapped in relation to various criteria, including the social challenges being experienced in each neighborhood, and according to each of the SDGs. By mapping these assets accordingly, we can create a resource that - up until this point- has been missing from the New York social impact space:

  • impact event series

  • co-working spaces

  • accelerators and incubators 

  • impact investing networks 

  • financing & grant issuing institutions 

  • local government agencies

  • International development organizations

  • academic centers

  • resources for interest groups (African Americans, Latinos, LGBT, etc)

We are committed to developing an open New York Metro-wide social impact map, curating information to help advance the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals!