Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area
Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area
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Our Story

The New York Metropolitan Area is the best place in the world to scale impactful initiatives and companies.

The region’s diversity combined with its unrivaled talent, creates a uniquely dynamic environment for fostering sustainable solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. These efforts combined with the growing field of purpose-driven capital, vast scope of leading industries, alignment across government initiatives, and presence of international development agencies, signals a promising habitat for scaling.


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The Goal

We believe the New York Metropolitan Area can lead the global impact ecosystem’s achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. New Yorkers have the talent and ambition to solve local and global challenges, but need support curating strong networks for learning and resources. Collaboration helps ideas take off, and strong communities help changemakers sharpen their models- while ensuring capital is directed effectively.

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The Vision

We elevate entrepreneurs work by helping them build their networks and develop the tools, knowledge, and expertise required to succeed. We run incubators, accelerators, bootcamps, as well as educational programs and workshops. The world watches new economies being built from emerging technologies; we want to make sure people across the metropolitan area can consider integrating blockchain, artificial intelligence, AR, and VR technologies in their work.

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The Model

We’re spearheading a hub-and-spoke system of spaces and communities across the New York metropolitan area - working, learning, and growing together to solve the world’s largest (and smallest) problems through entrepreneurial endeavors!

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The Geography

The New York Metropolitan Area is far bigger than the five boroughs - more than 22 million people are living from Princeton to New Haven - representing a 1.7 trillion-dollar regional economy. We believe Impact Hub can help rejuvenate neighborhoods and magnify the progress of the ecosystem by spearheading the integration of impact-driven talent and resources of smaller cities and towns with the regional core.

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The Network

Impact Hub is the world’s most extensive association of social impact communities aligned with the SDGs, represented by more than 100 hubs in more than 60 countries and composed of more than 17,000 entrepreneurs and changemakers. Through Impact Hubs, entrepreneurs and changemakers can give New Yorkers the opportunity to scale across the world- while others access New York for learning, scaling, and capital.

Join us in creating a community that inspires people across the New York metropolitan area to advance the Sustainable Development Goals through intentional and collaborative actions